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Standalone Lessons


A Standalone Lesson (or SA, abbreviated) is 1 lesson that stands on its own. It’s self-contained: not dependent on other lessons in any way.

Learn more about Standalone Lessons now, or scroll down to the SA list.

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What’s the duration of an SA?2019-09-13T20:12:13+02:00

Each Standalone Lesson (for example, “Dilo en español”) is only 1 lesson long—actually, as the name suggests!

Remember: whenever we use the word “lesson” on Hablah, we always refer to a session of 60 minutes.

Who can reserve and attend an SA?2019-09-14T19:40:00+02:00

Any student can reserve and attend any Standalone Lesson.

Just go to the SA list below, select a lesson that’s at your level, and you’re ready to go!

How often can I take the same SA?2019-09-13T20:17:25+02:00

You can take the same Standalone Lesson (for example, “Dilo en español”) as many times as you choose—even more than once the same week, if it’s available!

Why can I take the same SA repeatedly?2019-09-14T19:22:36+02:00

You can take the same Standalone Lesson as frequently as you wish because, on the whole, the content is new every time the lesson takes place.

For example, if you take “Dilo en español” (SA.ia.01) today and again in two days, generally the type of work you’ll do in the two lessons will be similar; but what will certainly change is the specific activities included in each lesson—you definitely won’t be doing the same exercise twice! The only case in which you would see repeated content is if you ever took the same lesson (in this example “Dilo en español”) over 20 times—which, of course, you’re welcome to do! 🙂

In short: please do take the same SA as many times as you wish!

List of Standalone Lessons (SA)

Here is the list of Standalone Lessons you can currently take at Hablah.

For Beginner Students

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For Intermediate Students

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For Intermediate/Advanced Students

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For Advanced Students

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