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Short Courses


A Short Course (or SC, abbreviated) is a group of lessons (for example, 4 lessons) that are slightly dependent on one another, in content.

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What’s the duration of an SC?2019-09-14T22:54:55+02:00

Each Short Course has a different duration. It can range from 2 to 10 lessons per course. (Remember: 1 lesson = 60 minutes).

To know the specific duration of a Short Course (for example, “Ser y estar”), please go to the SC list below, and then access the page for that specific Short Course.

In an SC, how are the different lessons related in content?2019-09-18T13:22:32+02:00

In a specific Short Course, all the lessons making up the course will be based on the same unique theme: for example, there’s a Short Course about “Ser y estar”, or another on “El Subjuntivo”.

As you move through the lessons, you can expect some progression in content (for example, from easier in the first lesson, to more difficult in the last lesson). For that reason, if the course’s topic is completely new to you (for example, if you don’t know the difference between “Ser y estar”), we recommend you to take the lessons in order—that is, to start by taking the first lesson in the course, then (whenever you can!) take the second lesson, and so on.

On the other hand, if you already know the basics about the course’s topic (for example, about “ser” and “estar”), and if you’re especially looking for a chance to practice that topic and learn more, please feel free to join any lesson from the course—you don’t have to start by lesson #1.

Do I have to take all the lessons that are part of an SC?2019-09-18T13:25:20+02:00

You don’t have to! It’s your choice!

Of course, you can benefit from taking (attending) the whole group of lessons in a course (for example, “Ser y estar” has a total of 4 lessons). But a key feature at Hablah is this: you’re free to take only one of the lessons—any lesson you choose—from any SC you choose!

Who can reserve and attend an SC, or any of its lessons?2019-09-21T11:42:36+02:00

Any student can reserve and attend any Short Course.

Remember: just go to the SC list below, select a course that’s at your level, and you’re ready to go!

Similarly, as mentioned above, any student can also reserve and attend any individual lesson (and only 1 lesson, if that’s your choice!) that is part of a Short Course (for example, a course running for 4 lessons)—there’s no need for you to attend all the lessons in it!

How often can I take the same SC?2019-09-14T20:38:07+02:00

You can take the same Short Course (for example, “Ser y estar”) as many times as you choose—even more than once the same month, if it’s available!

Why can I take the same SC repeatedly?2019-09-21T11:47:21+02:00

In this respect also, Short Courses are very similar to Standalone Lessons. So you can take the same Short Course as frequently as you wish because, on the whole, you’re likely to see new content every time the course takes place.

For example, if this month you take “Ser y estar” (SC.i.02), which consists of 4 lessons, you can also take it again next month (if it’s available). This is because, generally, the type of work you’ll do in the two editions of the course will be similar; but what will certainly change is the specific activities included in each lesson—you definitely won’t be doing the same exercise twice! With Short Courses, the only case in which you would see repeated content is if you ever took the same course (in this example, “Ser y estar”) over 8 or 10 times—which, again, you can feel free to do! 🙂

In short: please do take the same SC (or any of its lessons) as many times as you wish!

List of Short Courses (SC)

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