Fresh news!

Just as a quick announcement, we’d like to let all students know that Hablah is now offering Q&A (question-and-answer) sessions to learners of Spanish.

More specifically, Spanish Q&A Sessions have been added to our list of Standalone Lessons (SA), and they are available for intermediate and advanced students.

With this new lesson addition, learners will have a place where they can ask questions and have them answered—and, importantly, questions can be about any area of Spanish they choose. So, unlike other kinds of lessons (where the topic is already defined and we’re not able to digress too much into other subjects!), Q&A Sessions will allow students to actually decide what the lesson will be about.

Whether it’s some verb with se that is intriguing you, whether you need help to understand some sentence you heard from some native, or whether you’d like to know more about some aspect of Spanish history or culture—whatever it may be, just make sure to send us your questions and reserve your seat for the next Q&A Session!

In order for you to ask your questions, we have defined some steps to follow: please find them on this lesson’s specific page.

So, if you already have some question in mind, be sure to send it to your teacher (use this form)—we’ll review it and add it to the list of questions/topics to be dealt with in class!

Hoping to see you all there!

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