“¡Me alegro de verte!”
—I’m glad you’re here!

“¡Hola!” I’m Alfonso, the teacher behind Hablah. I like to think of myself as “a teacher at heart”—but, of course, you’ll need to judge for yourself!

Let me tell you a little about myself, and then I’ll introduce you to Hablah (click here). “¿Empezamos?” Shall we start?

Meet Alfonso, Your Teacher

“I believe a lot of what we do in our lives shoud be about helping others. I find teaching Spanish is a good way to do just that.”

Alfonso Olmedo

Spanish Teacher | Hablah’s Founder

My LinkedIn profile can be found here; but I’d like you to meet the human behind these words too. Some people who know me well (like my parents!) will say good things about me—but then again, those people may be biased! 🙂 Anyway, please watch my introduction video, and do get in touch with me if I can help!


  • I’m from Spain

  • Located in Spain too, specifically in the area of Barcelona

  • Born in the early 80s

  • Grew up in (almost!) a bilingual home

“Un poco más sobre mí”

Here are a few more facts about me. Some are work-related; others are just about my life when not working.

I helped my youngest brother learn to read—I was the second oldest brother, so who else would do that!? When I grew up I worked with kids as a primary school teacher. I also had some experience with teenagers. Then teaching adults followed—and since 2015 I have been teaching them Spanish online.

I enjoy working long-term with my online students. A few chose me to learn Spanish for some 100 hours. But my best experience came with one of my current students: we’ve been working together for more than 300 hours—now close to three years, and counting—from A1 to B2! I can’t find the words to say “gracias”!

Being able to teach my mother tongue has become wonderful to me. The more I get to know the language, the more I enjoy it. I like working with learners of all levels, and I try hard to make Spanish clear and easy for them. And yes: seeing students finally understand difficult contents, that’s fantastic!

Mine include reading, swimming (I swim twice a week), just taking walks (whenever I don’t swim), writing in a personal blog (if I have the time!), or meditation. I also play the piano once a week!

My parents are from the south of Spain, but they met in Barcelona, where I was born. I don’t consider myself fully bilingual (Spanish was no doubt the main language at home), but my father spoke Catalan with me, so I couldn’t help but learn it! I also studied other languages… which leads to my next point!

Languages were my favorite subject when I was a high-school student. I graduated in Education (three-year university diploma) and in English (BA degree), and then obtained an MA degree in Translation (English-Spanish)—my thanks to God! Along the way, I have been able to learn or dabble in 8 languages!

Despite that title, I must say I haven’t traveled a lot—unusual for a foreign-language teacher! I’ve only been to the UK and Ireland, and also to the Canary Islands—some family member is from there. So I do have some exploring to do, hopefully soon! Meanwhile, I could at least say I have a “worldwide” job!

As for how I see my students, rest assured you’ll have a place in our online groups! So no matter if you’re shy (we’ll try and do the speaking for you!), or if you’d rather not use your camera (mine will always be on!). To me, you truly are a real person, in a real group—with a real “profe” (Spanish short for teacher)!

“I’d like Hablah to fill a gap in the existing services to learn Spanish.”

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Here’s what students had to say about Alfonso, your teacher at Hablah:

Wow, what an incredible first lesson! I read the reviews and they are true. Alfonso is an incredibly solid teacher, patient and good at explaining items. He understands how to explain things multiple ways. I’m impressed with his ability and appreciate how he is extremely prepared, and stays positive.


Alfonso is entertaining and at the same time very knowledgeable. He knows how to make the student understand the various aspects of Spanish language. After studying with Alfonso I have understood better many things in Spanish […]. I would recommend him for any serious learner.

Abhilash A.

As a teacher, Alfonso is very understanding and has so much patience. His lessons have been very explanatory to me: they helped me to understand the language better. Something I would highlight is his teaching method, which creates an atmosphere of friendship between teacher and student.

Nikos L.

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