About Hablah

What is Hablah?

Hablah is an online school of Spanish. With us you can:
•  have lessons in open, small groups of students,
•  book individual lessons as you need them, one hour at a time: not as binding courses that require weeks or months of commitment!

But if long courses are what you’re looking for, we do even offer a couple of them—only two!

Benefits of learning with Hablah

Here are four reasons for learning with Hablah.

Lessons are in group

Hablah groups are open

Hablah groups are small

Our reservations system is great

[A] Lessons Are in Group

And what advantages can learning in group have over 1-on-1 lessons? Here are some.

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Extra motivation, more engagement

Being in a group adds an extra component of motivation to your studies. You are not the only one on the journey. You see how others make progress—and mistakes!—with you. Everyone is going in the same direction, and that’s a stimulus to engage in learning. We really are social beings!

More varied reflection time

Group learning gives you more varied chances of reflection, time to process Spanish—even when you are silent. Most of us learnt our first language in a group, whether at school or at home: and we were not speaking all the time! So even when it’s someone else’s turn to answer a question, you too will be thinking!

More affordable

With group lessons, individual students benefit from lower rates. In fact, the lesson is still the same usual price—except that it’s shared among all the students. Plus, at Hablah, the actual number of seat reservations also has an effect on the final price: you pay less if more people book the same lesson!

[B] Hablah Groups Are Open

And what are “open groups”? Here are three things that make our groups open.

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[C] Hablah Groups Are Small

These two facts garantee truly “small” groups.

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[D] Our Reservations System is Great

We also tried our best to build an appealing reservations system: from sign-up to the moment you receive a refund. Here is the full process, step by step.

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(Note: to see what amount is refunded to your wallet in each case, please check out our Prices page.)

Meet Mike. He comes across Hablah and signs up. He’s interested in attending a lesson on “Verbos irregulares” (that is, irregular verbs).

Mike fills his Hablah wallet with, let’s say, $5.

In the “Lessons” section of the site, he finds “Verbos irregulares”, and he goes to the specific page for that lesson type.

On the schedule for “Verbos irregulares”, he finds a time that suits him. He decides to go ahead and reserve a seat for that lesson at that time.

Mike will need $2.3 to reserve a seat. The system checks whether he has that amount in his wallet: he does!

The price is deducted from his wallet (−$2.3), and the reservation is confirmed. Mike now is ready to go!

The date and time for the lesson come. Mike enters the online room for the lesson (on Zoom). He meets the teacher there.

Some other students are also there: let’s say 4 more students. Like Mike, each of them payed $2.3 for the lesson.

The lesson on irregular verbs is now complete. It was great!

Because there were 5 seat reservations (students), now Mike and the others know they will get a refund. In this case each student’s wallet gets $0.3.

So each student has ended up paying $2 for the lesson (not $2.3, the initial price). Yes, it’s just a few cents—but they can be well spent on more lessons!

Mike is ready for more lessons with Hablah!

First Lesson

As an added bonus, your first lesson is on us!

Lesson Information

To get your first lesson free, begin by filling your wallet with at least $2.3.

Then use those credits to reserve your first lesson—as you would normally.

Before the lesson starts, you’ll get the full amount refunded to your wallet.

Start Learning Spanish Today

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Here’s what students had to say about Alfonso, your teacher at Hablah:

Wow, what an incredible first lesson! I read the reviews and they are true. Alfonso is an incredibly solid teacher, patient and good at explaining items. He understands how to explain things multiple ways. I’m impressed with his ability and appreciate how he is extremely prepared, and stays positive.


Alfonso is entertaining and at the same time very knowledgeable. He knows how to make the student understand the various aspects of Spanish language. After studying with Alfonso I have understood better many things in Spanish […]. I would recommend him for any serious learner.

Abhilash A.

As a teacher, Alfonso is very understanding and has so much patience. His lessons have been very explanatory to me: they helped me to understand the language better. Something I would highlight is his teaching method, which creates an atmosphere of friendship between teacher and student.

Nikos L.

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