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Our technological world makes it easy for anyone to learn from anywhere, on their own. But the social, communicative aspect of learning Spanish is sometimes lost… That’s where Hablah and our open, small groups come in! Now you can get the help with Spanish that you need—and not be alone in your language learning anymore!

Hablah makes learning Spanish more natural

We all learned our first language in a group! Groups at Hablah, with only 2 to 6 students, are a great environment for your Spanish to grow and flourish.

Hablah makes learning more efficient

Be more time efficient, with no commuting. Use technology to the fullest, but retain the human side of communicating with others—with Hablah!

Hablah makes Spanish more affordable

At Hablah all lessons are in groups, so the lesson price is split between the number of students in class: from 2 to 6. In short: the more people in class, the less you spend!
How Does it Work?

How do the Open, Small-Group Lessons Work?

What Are the Course Types?

Hablah Spanish Courses: Your Choice!

Most of Hablah courses are practical and include non-cumulative content, which means you don’t have to start at a specific date—you can join them at any time, and never feel disconnected. Just select a course that’s at your level, and you’re ready to go!

Giving You Tools in Your Journey to Fluency in español!

Our Podcast: For Extra Listening Practice

Hablah’s “Spanish Idioms in the News” is a podcast for anyone who wants to increase their exposure to Spanish—so you can listen to everyday Spanish idioms on your own, any time in your day! A nice complement to group classes at Hablah.

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